Month: November 2021

If you are looking for a Tupperware Rep…

I’m sorry, but I am no longer selling Tupperware in St. Catharines. I have decided to focus on helping small businesses get seen online at my new website:

I do however have a good deal of Tupperware inventory that I will be selling on Facebook when I get time (and I mean a LOT), so you can check out my Facebook page to see if any are up for sale currently. Prices will be worth the wait.

I also have some Tupperware pieces earmarked for donation to Stag and Does and fundraisers for causes dear to my heart. Contact me through the Facebook page if you are looking for something like this. If I have any left, you are Welcome to pick one up in St Catharines.

Thank you to all my great Tupperware clients! You all were wonderful and I wouldn’t have enjoyed selling Tupperware without you. I wish you all the best!

If you are a Tupperware Rep…

And you are in the Niagara Region: St Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Fort Erie, Jordan Station, Beamsville, etc and you want to get listed on this website to be found by the clients who still contact me (despite me being done with Tupperware for several years now, it still ranks on the first page for a search for “Tupperware St Catharines”), feel free to contact me through my Facebook page. There will be a small fee for this service.

You are also welcome to submit your information for a Free Listing on by filling out this form.

Plus, you can contact me if you are interested in knowing how I get websites ranked well 🙂 I have affordable Local SEO packages for small businesses of all types.